XRM.au: eXtended Resource Management for Australian Businesses

We are an Australian business that provides other local businesses with software developers, graphic designers, project managers, quality assurance specialists, and all sorts of IT-related professionals through our partners in the Philippines.

Why outsource to us?

XRM.au allows you to add IT professionals to your team without the hassle of hiring and maintaining an employee. Every member of our team is qualified and has experience in his or her respective field of expertise.

No minimum staff employment. Hire 1 person or an entire team.

Different timezones? No problem. We promise 50% to 100% time zone coverage.

Your business, your way. Directly manage the staff you hire.


The Philippines has a thriving Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) sector and is one of the top outsourcing destinations in the world.  Here are some of the reasons why companies are choosing to utilise Philippines-based resources:

  • lower costs for high quality of work

  • skilled labour with the highest English proficiency levels 

  • exemplary work attitude 

  • familiarity with Western cultures and norms


Filipinos are known to adjust to challenging schedules while maintaining excellent work ethics and professional attitude. Given this and their ability to communicate properly in English, Filipino workers all over the world are able to perform competitively in the global workplace.


We are proud to be associated with the following organizations, who have entrusted their various staffing requirements to us.

United Equipment

Industrial Equipment Rentals all over Australia

Singapore Academy of Law

Promotion and development agency for Singapore's legal industry

World Vision Canada

Canadian global relief development and advocacy organization, based in Toronto, Ontario

Department of Trade & Industry

Philippine government agency responsible for enabling domestic and foreign business activity and empowering Filipino consumers

Australian specialist software company that enables organizations to be faster and smarter

SRA Information Technology

Carers Australia

National peak body representing Australia's carers, advocating on their behalf to influence policies and services at a national level

Energy Regulatory Commission

Philippines electric power industry regulator that equitably promotes and protects the interests of consumers and other stakeholders

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